Casey's Shdadowrun Game

First Run

Ma Deuce Mr. Lucky Amazing Rando

Corp lawyer was coming into Seattle with info. Contracted to get all of comlinks from everyone in a Limo. Amazing Rando cut off the lawyer’s head when he found there was an implanted comlink. Used det cord to pull a locked safe from the limo.

Met the Trogs and specifically Flog

Karma: 8

Second Run

Run contracted through Jeffery. Horizon was making a move to bring P2.0 up to Seattle. A Group had a concern who did not like the idea of glamorizing the running scene. Characters were contracted to stop the 3 P2.0 personalities that were being used for the push. Killing the 3 personalities was an option but for each one they disgraced the team would get a bonus.

Arc Angel
Solara the Seductress

All three were disgraced (magical punking, punked by a pinkie, and made to look like a fake).

Contact met:

Karma earned: 8

Third Run

24k each total stole 5 med research boxes.

Karma: 6

horizon log

99k 8karma


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